Presenter Information

Why should I participate?

  1. Share your research work with other students and faculty from all over campus.
  2. Learn about research in an informal atmosphere.
  3. Gain valuable skills and experience in presenting your work.
  4. Make an impact on other undergraduates who may be wondering what research is all about.

Undergraduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate. Students will have the option of presenting either a poster or oral presentation, and prizes will be awarded to the top poster and oral presentations from each college. Additional awards will also be presented to the Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers from each college, as chosen by college and school leadership.

Poster & Oral Presentation Workshop

Students are encouraged to attend a workshop in early April that focuses on how to create and present effective, winning posters and oral presentations. Details on the date and location of the workshop will be announced in the spring.

Oral Presentation Participants

Students will be chosen for oral presentations based on the quality of the submitted abstract, availability of space, and time of submission. A limited number of slots will be available for each college. Ten minutes will be allotted for each presentation, including questions.

Students are required to submit their presentations to the UROP office in person or by email to by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 7th for pre-loading on the presentation room computers. Additional details will be provided to oral presenters once the sessions are finalized. Students should bring a back-up of their presentations directly to their session on a flash drive, but should also be warned that technical difficulties with equipment will not be the responsibility of the UROP staff or session moderators.

Poster Session Participants

Students interested in presenting a poster of their research project should apply by submitting an abstract of their research.

Rolling display boards and thumbtacks will be provided. Posters should be a maximum of 36” x 48” inches. Poster printing will be the responsibility of the student. Please see our list of poster printing facilities on-campus for more information. The poster can also be printed at a local printing/photocopy company or in your college or school, if facilities are available. If you choose to use any of these methods, please plan to have your poster printed several days in advance to eliminate any technical or hardware problems.

Symposium Etiquette

  •  Students who are presenting are strongly encouraged to wear appropriate business or business casual attire.
  •  Poster presenters should arrive in plenty of time to set up posters before judging begins. Those arriving late may miss out on the judging of their posters. 
  •  Oral presenters should arrive at least ten minutes prior to the start of their presentation session (usually a block of three to four presentations) and should remain for the entire session.
  •  Be courteous when entering and leaving the presentation rooms since noise and movement can be distracting.
  •  All attendees should either silence or shut off their cell phones during the event.